Gargoyle - 1000 carnival

Their 30th anniversary album "Best 30 years", which had re-recorded existing 30 songs and 10 opening SE tunes including new SE "太陽光線(SUN RAY)", was released. [35]

8 more years later, in 1040, Demona and MacBeth had another common foe to face, the formerly Prince, but now King Duncan. He had taken on the identity of the Hunter, and moved against MacBeth, now the High Steward of Moray, Gruoch's husband, and the last threat to King Duncan's keeping the throne. The Weird Sisters manipulated events so that they would be willing to make a pact- MacBeth would give up his youth to Demona, in exchange that she and her clan would help MacBeth against Duncan. They both agreed to one another's terms, and the Weird Sisters cast a spell to not only give Demona her youth back, reverting her to the physical age of 70 in human years (35 in gargoyle years), but to also link the two so that each would feel the other's pain, and both would be immortal. In addition, the only way that both could finally die would be if one killed the other.

The gang goes to Canada at a newly deserted village of Bottomless Lake. It turns out that a beast has scared everyone away.

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Gargoyle - 1000 CarnivalGargoyle - 1000 CarnivalGargoyle - 1000 CarnivalGargoyle - 1000 Carnival